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Our expert use of Xactimate helps us keep insurance carriers accountable for the total account of your restoration and repairs. We fight for homeowners to get their home repaired by only licensed contractors who follow the latest building and safety codes.

Winter is a common time for water pipes to freeze up and before you know it you have a disaster on your hands. Our Water Damage Restoration services include extracting the water, drying the area out, applying mildewcides, and performing any necessary structural repairs. Call Anderson Contracting today for an estimate and more information on how we can help.

  • Water Damage Insurance Repair
  • Water Damage Control
  • Water Removal & Clean-up
  • Structural Drying
  • Insurance Repair Experts
  • Dehumidify After Flood
  • Carpet & Fabric Cleaning
  • Deodorization
  • Frozen Pipe Repair
  • Water Damage Remodeling

We Work Directly With Insurance Companies To Make The Claim Process Easier

As Insurance Repair Experts, we have long-standing relationships with insurance companies and adjusters. We fully understand how the insurance claims process works between you the property owner, your insurance company and us as your contractor. We know the analysis programs insurance companies use to determine the cost for allowable repairs.

We also serve as a preferred Qualified Insurance Appraiser within the industry. This means that insurance companies and public adjusters, on behalf of their insured property owners, continually turn to us as an authority to determine exactly what restoration services need to get done and its cost. Our Insurance Appraiser has been selected to serve as an Umpire in Insurance Appraisals. In a situation where the Insurance Company and the Insured Property Owner cannot agree as to the scope of repairs or cost they may decide to demand appraisal. In that case each side selects an expert to serve as their Appraiser.

The two Appraiser’s select a third expert Appraiser to serve as an Umpire. Our Insurance Appraiser being selected to serve as an Umpire is testament to both sides respecting the expertise of our Appraiser. In an appraisal situation the two Appraiser’s and the Umpire will determine the required scope of repairs and the associated costs involved.

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For customers with water damage resulting from frozen pipes or pipe freeze ups, Anderson Contracting Co. can help you through the difficult process of getting your home, office, or business back to normal.

Typically, water damage goes beyond the physical structure and can cause potential health risks through the promotion of mold and mildew. Most contractors do not have the technical knowledge and experience that our company possesses. Furthermore, they don’t have the range of equipment that we do. Our dehumidification equipment is all state of the art. We utilize small portable units all the way up to tractor-trailer units for malls, schools, and other large commercial buildings. We utilize special ducted desiccant dehumidifiers and portable heating plants to dry out crawlspaces after major flooding like in the aftermath of the Sandy Storm.


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