We invite you to tell us which remodeling or repair idea interests you the most and we will give you a no obligation, FREE In-Home Consultation and Estimate. Here’s some common and popular reasons most people choose to remodel and repair their homes:

  1. Convert my small kitchen into a great room with an expanded and remodeled kitchen
  2. Give my house a total exterior makeover for a new appearance
  3. Add or remodel a bathroom, or create a handicap accessible bathroom
  4. Design a media entertainment room with video and sound system
  5. Transform my bedroom into a master suite
  6. Add a room (for senior parent or teen)
  7. Incorporate a home office addition
  8. Create a more elegant entranceway with interior doors, moldings and trim
  9. Add an extension or dormer to my house
  10. Transform my unfinished basement into a functional living space
  11. Open-up a new area that can be used for entertaining
  12. Make my home more open and airy
  13. Give me a more elegant stairway to the upstairs level
  14. Create a great room with a cathedral ceiling
  15. Add an all season sunspace or screened-in porch to bring the outdoors in
  16. Add an island centerpiece to my kitchen
  17. Open a space between my kitchen and dining room
  18. Add a convenient powder room for my guests
  19. Create an outdoor patio area
  20. Add a deck to my backyard
  21. Add a convenient outdoor kitchen to my backyard
  22. Add a rock garden with a waterfall
  23. Create a family room environment
  24. Modernize my kitchen’s appliances, counter tops, accessories and functionality
  25. Add time saving amenities to my kitchen such as cabinet pullouts and appliance hideaways
  26. Give the appearance of my home’s key rooms a facelift
  27. Create more open spaces and sightlines within the house
  28. Add a porch or portico to my house
  29. Add an exercise gym room
  30. Add a relaxing Jacuzzi or sauna
  31. Change my carpeted floors to elegant and easy-to-care for wood floors
  32. Incorporate classic looking architectural tiles or stones in my home
  33. Add or expand a garage
  34. Convert to more elegant doors
  35. Convert unused space into a functional area
  36. Add a fireplace
  37. Upgrade my windows with new energy saving windows
  38. Install central air conditioning and heating throughout the house
  39. Replace or refinish my kitchen’s cabinets
  40. Replace the leaking or aged roof on my house
  41. Repair structural damage within my house
  42. Repair deteriorating wood caused by water leak
  43. Clean the mold and mildew on structural beams, floors & sewer pipes
  44. Make my home more energy efficient
  45. Improve the ventilation within the house
  46. Cleanup the smoke residue caused by a faulty oil burner or furnace
  47. Repair damage caused by a water leakage problem
  48. Dehumidify areas exposed to water damage
  49. Eliminate the odor caused by smoking, pets or fire damage

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